The most endearing element of the Bad Boys movies isn’t the over-the-top action and wild-as-all-hell setpieces, but rather the charisma and comedic banter of its two lead actors. Even after a 17-year hiatus, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence easily reconnect with that magic in Bad Boys for Life, delivering a movie that’s equal parts hilarious and high-octane. The movie leans into the fact that these two guys are well into middle age (although looking at Smith you’d never be able to tell), resulting in some truly delightful gags that are closer to the near-farcical comedy of the first film. One particularly memorable scene involves Mike (Smith) trying to stealthily drop off Marcus’ (Lawrence) baby grandchild before pushing Marcus into a high-speed chase in the Burnett family minivan. There’s also several easter eggs for fans of the series that produce some solid laughs, in particular the film’s masterful opening sequence. Bad Boys for Life manages to be one of the year’s best comedies without slimming down the action one iota, which is another way of saying you should watch it immediately. The only bummer is that it’s a cop movie, with one scene in particular that has aged horribly since its release back in January. So maybe just pretend that they’re superheroes?

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